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Breaking any of the rules below will result in staff members taking the necessary actions or precautions in enforcing the rules.
Always remember, use common sense. If you feel like you are getting away with something, it's probably because you are breaking a rule or unspoken rule.




1 Strike = A mute or warning on behalf of a staff member. 2 Strikes = A mute, kick, and/or warning on behalf of a staff member. As well as a reminder about the consequences of obtaining a 3rd strike. 3 Strikes = A ban or kick, depending on the offense. Obtaining a 3rd strike usually results in a ban. A necessary repercussion depending upon the offense.

You hear that? Sounds like the rules are being sung by the great Harmonious Hydreigon!

NOTE: These rules are subject to change. If you'd like to ensure that you are always following the rules, be sure to check this post fairly often.
Not reading the rules will never be an excuse for breaking them. This includes, but is not limited to, any game modifications that can allow an advantage over other players. Whether unbeknown to staff or not.
Senor Moderator
Trial Staff


1 - Respect the rules as a set state of law on the server. An Owner's word is always equivalent or higher.
2 - No offensive builds.
3 - No begging for items, ranks, commands, gifts, etc.
4 - No arguments in the public chat. Moderators will shut these down.
5 - No AFK Fishing, AFK Pools, or AFK apparatuses of any kind. These structures will be removed on site, whether you lose materials or not.
6 - Respect the decisions and conclusions of all staff members.
7 - Apricorn farms cannot be more than 100 trees large.
8 - You are not allowed a reroll on your starter.
9 - No Griefing of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, player builds, gyms, and shrines.
10 - Builds created by players that have been offline for more then 30 days are eligible for removal. This is to remove clutter and to make the server map look cleaner. If you want to save them, make a post about it in our forums.
11 - Floating builds are allowed but only when completed. No half or "no effort" builds. When in the sky they have to be a moderately sized build, and not stand out.
12 - Pixelmon Modifications, whether known by staff or not, are strictly not allowed. Any modification that allows a player an unfair, higher advantage over other players is prohibited.
13 - No movement plates allowed.
14 - See rule #1.

Breaking the rules may result in the following
A Temporary Mute, a Temporary or Permanent Jail Sentence, a Temporary or Permanent Ban, or a Temporary Kick.