<> - optional
Challenger Commands:
/badges <ign> - to check your badges
/chalgym (GymName) - to challenge a gym and enter its queue
/cancelchallenge - to remove yourself from the queue
/gyms - to see all the available gyms

Gym Leader Commands:
/acceptChallenge (GymName) - to accept a challenge (Instantly starts a battle make sure youre in the arena before you do it)
/denyChallenge (GymName) <challengerIGN> - to deny the challenge (if no ign is provided the first person in the queue will be selected)
/giveBadge (ChallengerIGN) (GymName) - to give a badge to the winning player (the winning player automatically gets the badge use this just in case they dont)
/openGym (GymName) - to open a gym to challenges
/closeGym (GymName) - to close a gym
/queuelist (GymName) - to check your gym queue